A business system is key to improving the brand that the organization projects to your community, including customers, employees and suppliers.

Dependable Outcomes
Whether we are considering safety, quality or getting the job done in a timely manner, a business system is designed to give you effective, efficient and repeatable results. In short, the business system gives you a process to fix your processes.

Employee Engagement:The goal of the system is to enable proper education and opportunities to all employees so they can complete their work more efficiently and effectively. We also seek to harness their ideas and creativity and, in the process, increase their personal engagement. Additionally, having a system in place allows you to quickly integrate new-hires, and makes it easy for them to see their role within the organization and bring forth new ideas.

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Diminish Costs Increase Profits:It has been proven time and again that the implementation of an all-encompassing business system helps reduce costs. A business system is intended to reduce costs without taking the shortcuts that often lead to an erosion of profitability due to the necessity to lower quality expectations or service levels.

Without a business system, organizations often experience silo-ed, parallel thinking. Each department might perform well on its own, but customers dont see the results

The Power of a Business System When implementing a business system based on Performance Excellence, there are at least eight major changes that we want the organization to see quickly.

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Value-Stream Based
Instead of assigning resources to projects based on financial priority, which means they can be spread all over, we assign resources to a specific site or value stream to work a series of projects. This creates focus, achieving significant transformation in that value stream and allowing the local leadership team to become comfortable using new tools to solve problems. With this approach, we build up islands of excellence much faster.

Innovate, Invent, Modernize and Update
Another part of the business system framework is creating ascalable and sustainable innovation ecosystemin order to create competitive advantage. The organization learns to address innovation challenges quickly, build a pipeline of innovation opportunities, prioritize ideas, and apply methods and tools for both front-end innovation and back-end design.

Culture Change
Along the way, the organization starts to see a shift in culture. While some change will happen naturally, other changes must be guiding and steered. To effect positive culture change, the Cycle of Accountability and Trust guides us in forming a virtuous cycle.

With all of those changes taken together, you can see how a business system provides a framework for a constant pursuit of improvement and innovation, and a deep understanding of change and motivation.