The thing with being very, very smart: the brightest people are not always the most successful. Sometimes having too much intelligence can actually be a drawback in the eyes of others, and it can lead to bright candidates being their own worst enemies on the job market.

Intelligence isnt necessarily the most important consideration for every job. Some pharmaceutical companies, for example, find optimism is the most important predictor of success in salespeople

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Warren Buffettgave somegreat advicea few years ago on key attributes to look for when consideringjob candidates.He narrowed it down to three, but one is purely non-negotiable. Buffet said:

Youre looking for three things, generally, in a person:intelligence,energy, andintegrity. And if they dont have the last one, dont even bother with the first two.

Heres whyintegrity is so importantin the people you hire,especiallyyour future managers.

You dont question themfor their actions

Hall of Fame football coach Tony Dungy,in his bookUncommon,said:Integrity is the choice between whats convenient and whats right.When someone leads with integrity, it makes it hard to questionthat person. People operating within parameters of truth, honesty, and ethics willlisten to their heart and do the right thing, even when nobody is watching. Theiractions areopen for everyone to see; they dont have to worry about hiding anything from anyone, nor doyouhave to worry about them hiding anything from you!

Business Recruitment, Hiring People, Intelligence

Trust Is Developed Faultlessly

When someone exercises integrity and good judgment, trust is gained, especially with those working and collaborating in close proximity. Colleaguessee each other as dependable and accountable for theiractions. When trust develops, people feel safe in each otherspresence and influence is spread within the tribe.

You want people on yourteamwho have enough gusto to solve issues, not only before they becomelargerthan life, but also by looking atalternativeperspectives.

Business Recruitment, Hiring People, Intelligence

Integrity Commands Respect

A personwho walks-the-walk of integrity eventually becomes a role model whocommands respect. Why? Because integrity is a hallmark ofmoral authorityand ethical leadership; people desire and long for it in others, especially in leaders. If thats you, your tribe will naturally gravitate to your leadership because they respect the decisions you make on behalf of others and the team.

Assess Integrity| Question

Knowing whether to hire someone or pull the trigger, so to speak, on the interview process, is a matter of asking the right questions. Seasoned job candidates with interviewing experience know exactly what scripted answers to give to overcome any objections or get around a weakness or negative quality. To safeguard from hiring bad apples, throw them a curveballwhen theyre expecting a fastball, to catch them off guard. Ask a question like this one:

If we ever got into a bind with a client, would you be willing to tell a little white lie to help us out?

Thats what one high-levelCEOroutinely asksto test outa candidates integrity. If you are asked that question and say yes,expect a short interview and your parking stub validated early. A no indicates a high degree ofintegrityand a possible good hire.