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Micro Startups Business Strategies | Ways to Raise Capital Part 2

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Micro Startups Business Strategies | Ways to Raise Capital Part 2

Last week we looked at the various possibilities and income generation techniques for Micro Startups, this week we touch on the remaining ways to raise and generate income, and additional business ideas for Micro Startups

Clean or Organize Houses. If you’re great at cleaning or organizing, you could help local home owners. Either clean houses or help them organize their spaces. Join Maids.com or another service to clean homes in your local neighborhood.

Do Local Tours Utilize Viator. If you live in a tourist destination, you could do local tours and promote it on Viator. Viator is one of the largest and most trusted online tour companies. You could earn a full-time living doing this depending upon where you live and just how much value you end up providing to tourists. Build a sales funnel and sell info products.

Sales funnels are great tools for selling information products. If you have great information to share, consider building a sales funnel to help you increase the average cart value of whatever it is that you’re selling. Understand that most people have to ascend a value ladder and start small before they give you more and more money. As long as you deliver huge value, you can crush it with the proper sales funnel.

Create and Manage Webinars. Webinars are a great way to sell high-ticket products or services. Once you understand how to craft the perfect webinar, you can quite literally skyrocket your income. Use GoToWebinar or Andy Jenkins’ WebinarJam to host your webinar, two of the best in the industry.

Start a blog in a profitable niche. Starting a blog is a great way to make some income. It won’t happen right away. But if you follow through and put in the work, you could build multiple revenue streams from this single activity.

Selling Digital Designs

Selling Digital Designs On i.e CafePress. Sell digital designs for t-shirts, mugs, keychains and other gear directly on CafePress. You’ll get paid a commission every single time one of your items sell. The best part? You never need to warehouse, print, ship or deal with any type of customer service ever. It’s all done for you.

Do Affiliate Marketing | Email Marketing. If you don’t want the hassle of building out your own products or services, you could always opt to doing affiliate marketing. Use websites like Rakuten Marketing, CJ.com, ClickBank and JVZoo to source opportunities for affiliate marketing. If you’re good, you could earn a significant income doing just this.  Email marketing is also massive “The money truly is in the list” But building that list is hard. However, if you’re going to learn anything about online marketing, you should definitely learn how to market via email. It’s estimated that for every person on your list, you can expect to generate a dollar per month income. So, if you have 3,000 people on your list, you can earn roughly $3,000 per month.

Busines Coach, Business Mentorship, Business Trainer

Business Coaching or a Consultancy If you have experience in business or another field, you can always get paid to be a consultant. Business coaches and consultants earn a considerable amount of income. No matter what field you have expertise in, you are likely sell your services to others. Check out Expert Secrets to help monetize you understand how to monetize your knowledge.

Get Paid to Search the Internet. Many websites will pay you simply to search the internet and provide thorough, well-researched answers to burning questions. Sites like AskWonder and others will help you make a bit of income. You’ll need to apply to become a researcher, but once approved, you can search and answer away.

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Sell items on Facebook’s Marketplace. You can always resort to selling used items on Facebook. It’s still a great resource for used goods. But you could also turn to Facebook’s new marketplace. It’s the middle icon at the bottom of your Facebook app that looks like a storefront. You may or may not have better luck on Facebook’s Marketplace but the point is that the resource is there for you to use and it’s free.

Create YouTube videos. You can create YouTube videos to earn an income online. Stevin John, the name behind Blippi, has created a children’s educational series on YouTube has nearly 2 billion views and over 1 million subscribers, grossing millions of dollars in passive income per year just by creating educational videos on YouTube.

Become an extra in a movie. Have desires of fame and stardom? Well, before you get there, you could opt to be an extra in a movie. Extras get paid a healthy sum for hanging around and doing very little work. You can use websites like BackStage and others to source extra work in movies and tv shows.

Carry Out Data entry work. Do work as a data entry specialist. You could transcribe insurance claims, or simply do basic data entry work that’s needed by just about every small business around the world. Source jobs through your personal or professional network or even on LinkedIn.

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