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Micro Startups Business Strategies | Ways to Raise Capital Part 1

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Micro Startups Business Strategies | Ways to Raise Capital Part 1

Capital has become a scarce resource, as business trends have shifted and diversified, Micro Startups have struggled in raising capital to run their day to day businesses, today we venture into possible ways for Business Startups and Sole traders to raise capital to pursue or sustain their business operations, below are some avenues one can venture into and nature to become renowned organizations or stable income generating business streams

Create a Shopify ecommerce store.

Ecommerce is hot right now. In fact, it’s allure is only increase. And, no, Amazon isn’t the only company benefiting from the rise in consumer spending online. Want to take advantage of that? You can easily build an ecommerce store using Shopify. Loads of features and integrations make it simple and easy to quickly launch an ecommerce store in just about any niche you can dream of. shopify 

Offer Your Services on Fivver.

You can sell virtually any type of service on Fiverr. No matter what you do, you can likely sell it there. While prices do start at $5, you can offer up-sells. Plus, once you become top-rated, you have the chance of joining Fiverr Pro. Fiverr Pros are hand-picked from the best talent on Fiverr. And they reap benefits. Fiverr Pros are assigned higher-priced projects and can make much more income than talent in the general pool.

micro startups, business startups, business

Launch an Online Course.
Courses are another great source for generating passive income. You can design and develop an online course for just about anything. You can sell those courses on Udemy, Kajabi or Teachable. You can even design and develop your own member-based website or funnel for selling your courses.

Graphic Design | Creating Logos On 99Designs

99Designs is a great resource for designers. If you’re good at designing, try your hand at 99Designs. Designers compete with each other to win business. You’ll have to refine your designs and be chosen to be paid. Like Fiverr, there is a high-end pro solution with 99Designs, but you’ll need to be carefully vetted to gain access to this.

Virtual Assistant Work.

Consider becoming a virtual assistant. If you’re highly organized and you’re meticulous about scheduling and understand all the current office related software platforms, you can make money by helping other people achieve their business goals. Use LinkedIn and other professional and personal networks to source work.

Guest Blog Articles | Ghost Writing.

Contact popular blogs and offer your services as a guest blogger. Often, some of the most popular blogs outsource much of their content to guest bloggers. Consider doing that, ghost writing, or even copywriting if you’re a great word smith. As a copywriter, you could make tens of thousands of dollars for a single sales letter. But you need to be great at it.

Venture Into Social Media Management.

All businesses today know they need social media management. But most have no clue on where to start. By doing social media management, you could easily make a full-time income by helping others to spread the word on platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

Build an SEO Agency.

Search engine optimization is a complex and highly volatile field. But, once you master this craft, not only can you dominate search results and easily get your offers in front of the masses, but you could build an SEO agency doing this as well.

Sell photos on Shutterstock or iStockPhoto.

Have a keen eye for photography? Consider selling your photos on Shutterstock or iStockPhoto. This is another great avenue for passive income.

Personal Training Consider becoming a personal trainer if you’re in-the-know about fitness and nutrition. However, understand that you might need some certification before beginning. But you could easily make some great money with just a few loyal personal training clients.

These just a fraction of some micro startups you can consider venturing into in the New Year stay tuned next week as we continue on more avenues and ways to raise capital or micro startup business ventures

micro startups, business startups, business
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